Haratyler MP - MMC3 Version with Expansion Audio

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Haratyler MP - MMC3 Version with Expansion Audio

The second entry in the Hara saga. Haratyler takes the intense action of Haradius Zero and supplies more enemies, levels, and fun! This version not only incorporates MMC3 technology similar to Haradius Zero, but also contains a custom audio board allowing for amazing, enhanced musical tracks.

Your NES (or clone) system must support expanded audio to hear the enhanced music (there are many methods and guides available online). There will also be a listing for a limited number copies with a deluxe audio expansion board from infiniteneslives.com included that uses the expansion port on the bottom of the original front loader NES to provide expansion audio.

Created by Impact Soft, and brought to you by Neodolphino Productions.