Hamburgers en route to Switzerland

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Hamburgers en route to Switzerland

A game for the NES by Chris Read, available for the first time on cartridge in limited quantities! Comes with cartridge, manual, and vinyl cartridge protector.

The story - per the game's manual:
"You may not know this, but hamburgers can actually fly when they feel like it. One day, a group of hamburgers got together and decided to take a trip. But where would they go? They decided on Switzerland.

But the evil milkshakes didn't want the hamburgers to go to Switzerland so they recruited some pizza slices and tacos and they went out to stop the poor hamburgers from trying to get to Switzerland. Milkshakes can shoot onion rings out, and pizza slices can shoot out nachos, but what the other food didn't know is that the burgers can shoot French fries out themselves."